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Dr BS Agnihotri

Dr. Baliram Sadashiv Agnihotri was born in Dharangaon, District Jalgaon(Maharashtra) in 1916. He studied at P.R. High School, Dharangaon, H.P.T. College, Nasik
(undergraduate studies ), S.P. College, Pune (M.A. in Sanskrit ) and again HPT, Nasik (M.A. in Philosophy). He took his Doctorate in 1948 from Bombay University on "Investigations of Yoga and its implication found in Vedic Literature", under Prof. Velankar of Wilson College.

He started his teaching career from Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute as a teacher of Yoga, while the Institute also provided him scholarship for his doctoral work. Thereafter, he did small stints as school teacher in Vyara (gujrat) and Khandwa (MP) and as Prof. in Hitkarini College, Jabalpur. Finally, he joined Bihar Education Services as Prof. and Research guide in Mithila Sanskrit Research Institute, Darbhanga. He guided many doctoral students for research.

Married in 1949 to Miss Leela Namjoshi, he was already a pround father of three brilliant children by the time he joined the Institute in Darbhanga. He spent twenty years of his active and creative life here. Grooming all three children to brilliant academic career (two in the IAS, one a leading doctor), providing a steady anchor point to Maharashtrian community in Bihar, pursuing his own studies of the rich philosophy texts, both Eastern and Western, and endearing all with his expertise and free guidance on Astrology, he was a well respected and well consulted personality with innumerable friends.
His published works include

  • Kadambari Kathasar : A trilingual commentary ( Published; Choukhamba Publishers Varanasi)
  • Patanjal Yogsutra
  • Sankhyakarika
  • Yogatrayi - A comparison between three upanishda - Kath, Mandukya and Shwetashwatar
  • Buddhiyoga - The exhibitory sermons of Bhagwadgita.
  • Ten journals in All India Oriental Conferences.
  • A large number of articles and research papers written regularly for "Dyaneshwar" quarterly, newspapers and AIR.
  • At the ripe age of 88, he was enthusiastic to recite the complete Bhagwadgita in his vibrant, resonant voice- this is now available in CD format. Later, this also formed part of "Sanrakshan Yoga", a TV serial dedicated to work efficiency and energy efficiency. The video CD is also now available.
  • For 36 years, he gave 1 month discourse on Dyaneshwari and Bhagwadgita for the locals of his native village Dharangaon.

Dr. Agnihotri was an expert Astrologer, a practitioner of Ashtang Yoga Sadhana, especially Yogasana, Pranayam and Dhyana. Till the very end, he maintained good health and a fit and active life style.

A small illness causing weakness, a short spell of fever and fatigue, finally took him to the Ultimate Long Journey, from which he would not return. An avid traveler, he had visited many parts of India and and even spent 6 months in U.K. But, once on the path of no return, he now will live in the memory of his many friends and well wishers.

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